Imagine you’re auditioning for a talent competition such as American Idol or The Voice. You’ve just given what you believe to be the performance of your life. You’ve warbled beautifully and even belted out a few high notes! You breathlessly await the judges’ feedback.

The judges advise you to find your “authentic voice” rather than copy another singer’s style. They explain that unless you’re bringing a new and different sound into the world it becomes challenging to differentiate yourself and be a superstar.

Similarly, you may struggle to find your authentic voice in life and be who you were meant to be. Recognizing that many of us face this challenge, Christine Ferguson empowers individuals and teams to unleash their authentic brilliance so they can be the star they were meant to be on the stage of life.

“Within each of us lies unique gifts and abilities — an ‘authentic brilliance’ with which we are born. Many of us are unaware of what we truly have to offer and just what we are capable of achieving. We falsely assume we are exempt from brilliance or greatness, so we give up on ourselves or seek to copy other people’s success and presence instead of setting ourselves apart by leveraging our own unique gifts,” explains Christine.

As an Authentic Brilliance Expert, Christine guides clients to achieve new levels of success in their business, career, and personal lives. After discovering the Horace Mann quote, “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity,” she adopted it as her personal mantra.

Journey to Authentic Brilliance
In the workplace, Christine struggled to find her authentic brilliance. In fact, she was unaware of what it meant to live one’s authentic brilliance and that the reason she sometimes felt she was  not on the same level as her peers was that she was not living her true brilliance. To help her strengthen her skills and presence in the office, a manager advised her to be more like one of her peers and own her role.

It was not until years later Christine realized she did not want to be like someone else, she simply wanted to be a better version of herself. In her career as a marketer, she learned a fundamental rule: without differentiating yourself in the marketplace your brand gets lost in a sea of sameness. Christine applies this same principle to her own life and in empowering others to live their authentic brilliance.

Oprah Winfrey’s story of how, as a journalist, she consistently copied Barbara Walters’ style until one day she mispronounced the word “Canada” became a reminder for Christine of the importance of living one’s authentic brilliance rather than copy someone else.

Professional Background
Christine is a professional speaker, Certified Professional Coach and Certified Spiritual Coach.

She is co-author of The Power of the Platform: Speakers on Life with best-selling authors Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, and Les Brown. She is a co-contributor to articles published in and CNN Money.

Christine is a former marketer and Leadership Team Member with an international training company that delivers highly-interactive and transformational courses in leadership, communication, and organizational development.

A lifelong learner, she holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and has completed hundreds of hours of studies in Personal Development, Leadership, Spirituality, Psychology, Critical Thinking, Sociology, and Communication.