Christine Ferguson is a Certified Spiritual Coach, author, speaker, and CEO at Healing House Institute.

In 1995 Christine opened the doors to her first business, a professional résumé writing service in New York. One day as she was sitting in her office, she received a phone call from a prospective client who wanted to schedule a consultation.

During the phone call the woman paused and said, “To tell you the truth… I’m new in town and I just want someone to talk to.” The woman had migrated from Jamaica (Christine’s birthplace) and was having trouble adjusting to her new life. Christine invited her to come into the office to talk. It was not unusual for Christine to develop a bond and rapport with clients by being their motivator and coach. The woman left the session feeling renewed and grateful.

“The desire to be a light in the world is something that has been written on my heart,” says Christine. “It has taken nearly all my life, though, to awaken to the lessons the Universe brought into my life. And I am still learning.”

In 2008, Christine began working with an international training organization in Las Vegas where she learned the power and fundamentals of developing transformational programs. In her role as marketer and member of the corporate leadership team, she empowered the organization’s graduates by writing informative and inspirational articles on leadership, communication, team building, organizational development, and personal growth. She also contributed her expertise to articles published in and CNNMoney.

After 2 years with the organization, Christine experienced a layoff and saw it as an opportunity to start her own coaching and speaking business. In 2010, one month before leaving the company, she received an opportunity to co-author The Power of the Platform: Speakers on Life with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul franchise), Les Brown (Live Your Dreams), Brian Tracy (Goals!), and Tanya Brown (sister of Nicole Brown Simpson).

Christine has spoken at national conferences, Fortune 500 companies, and community programs focused on personal development, spiritual growth, and professional development. She has been interviewed by Health Magazine, Time Magazine for Kids, and has been a guest on multiple radio shows.

In 2012, Christine earned her coaching certification (Life Coach and Spiritual Coach) from World Coach Institute.

In 2013, she co-authored the highly motivational book Anyone Can! Live a Happier Life with Marion Licchiello et al.

Her earlier experience includes Regional Director with the American Heart Association and Marketing Manager with Time Consumer Marketing Inc.

Degree, Certifications and Professional Membership
A lifelong learner, Christine has completed hundreds of hours of studies in Personal Development, Leadership, Spirituality, Psychology, Critical Thinking, Sociology, and Communication. Her credentials include:

  • Bachelor of Science, Business Administration (Cum Laude), Strayer University
  • Certified Professional (Life) Coach, World Coach Institute
  • Certified Spiritual Coach, World Coach Institute
  • Master Graduate, Rapport Leadership International
  • Coaching Others For Top Performance, Achieve Global
  • Founding Member, International Membership of Professional Advisors, Coaches and Trainers (IMPACT)
  • Certified Professional Resume Writer, Professional Association of Résumé Writers and Career Coaches

Christine’s mission is to help others unleash their authentic brilliance and power with peace, purpose, and consideration for their fellow man.